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Addition of ozone prior to a slow sand filter

Sven Kneipp

Gemeinde Merklingen

Hauptstraße 31

89188 Merklingen

In small sewage treatment plants in rural areas the effluent of secondary treatment often undergoes further cleaning with a slow sand filter. In addition to retention of solid fractions ozone can be added to the influent of the slow sand filter for oxidative effects. The sewage treatment plant Merklingen utilizes such a filter system. Thus, oxidative effects of ozone in combination with the typical techniques of small-scale sewage treatment plants can be examined in an exemplary fashion.


The removal of microcontaminants and pathogens with a combination of oxidation and slow sand filtration after biological treatment will be examined in the local sewage treatment plant of the community of Merklingen.

Key areas of activity

Examination of the oxidative effects of ozone in combination with slow sand filtration in small-scale sewage treatment plants.

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