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Specialist and regional public relations work

Peter Rey

Hydra Konstanz - Institut für angewandte Hydrobiologie

Fürstenbergstr. 25

78467 Konstanz

07531-924 000

As an expert on regional flowing-water systems, their eco-systems and the pressures on the latter, HYDRA advises the team on questions relating to the ecology of bodies of water, supports it with regard to consideration of the methods used and helps it with its public relations work. In concrete terms, this means

  • identification of target groups of public relations work
  • picture procurement and research
  • organisation of events for anglers and the local population

Peter Rey from Hydra is the co-author of "Die Schussen - Bilanz der Belastung eines Bodenseezuflusses", a book published by the Landesanstalt für Umwelt Baden-Württemberg (State institute for the environment).

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