Which of the four numbered statements is the conclusion? b.) Ethics are a basis for comparison. If she takes the chemotherapy to destroy the tumors, her fetus will die. Which of the following statements are TRUE with regard to ethics? It's not like the government should give me a large television, just as it's not the government's responsibility to provide health care to people who cannot afford it. According to the Greek system of logic introduced by Socrates. Ross thinks 'the right' is a different concept than 'the good' -- i.e. Which of the following is not a test option in the handbook for evaluating an ethical dilemma? XX By understanding the different perspectives of the conceptual foundations, business decision-making may be enhanced. The Sophists, as represented by Glaucon, thought that people are 'conventionally just' by nature. Grammar Quiz: Test Your Grammar Knowledge With Questions. One day, Frank asks Mary what she thinks of a hat he has recently purchased. The field of ethics, along with aesthetics, concerns matters of value; these fields comprise the branch of philosophy called axiology.. Ethics seeks to resolve questions of human morality by defining concepts such as good and evil, right and . C. As an approach is neither inherently hostile to nor inherently in favor of casual sex, A. Is it Ethical to overpromise to win a customer, gain support for a pet project or avoid confrontation? C. If we are trying to maximize the total intrinsic value, it actually collapses into Act-Consequentialism, A. Marquis argues that abortion is always immoral. But some argue that with the COVID-19 vaccine, this rationale may be shortsighted. It is a mechanism that may be used to thoroughly think through an issue and evaluate the consequences of an action. withholding treatment for a terminally ill patient and allowing that patient to die. What term is used to describe managers that are actively engaged in the day-to-day operation of the organization? the theory's inclusion of prima facie, rather than absolute, principles, Utilitarianism is a moral theory for promoting human welfare, Consider a scenario involving the possible killing of an innocent person for the good of others. Revision: I plummeted 15 feet. 2) Therefore, euthanasia is wrong. An unscrupulous business tactic known as ________ advertises a product at a low price but when the customer comes in to buy, only more expensive products are available. He has decided that he wants to end his life sooner than that on his own terms. Try to get the rule changed, while obeying the rule. C. You have a duty not to commit suicide, A. Ethics is about determining what is moral and what is immoral. aristotle's virtue ethics quiz questions and answers. Singer's argument applies a consequentialist theory to the issue of animal treatment. B. According to the handbook, padding a resume is not an unethical act because so many people do it. One premise of the main argument for cultural relativism is that because different cultures have different beliefs about what is right and wrong, there are no objective moral principles. Someone other than the patient then chooses euthanasia on the patient's behalf. This is usually done by naming him/her as an author on the final paper. Ethics is defined as the theological study of the morality of human acts. b.) Which of the following is expected of a student under the College of Business Student Code of Ethics? C. Exemplified by picking up strangers at a bar/club, B. That means I don't have to pay the money back to you." The argument that objectification is an essential feature of casual sex asserts which of the following: A. Casual sex is only for sexual pleasure On our platform, you will find the collection of the best ethics exam questions and answers. This is an example of, Consider this rule-utilitarian argument against legalizing euthanasia: Passing a law to permit active voluntary euthanasia would inevitably lead to abuses such as more frequent use of nonvoluntary euthanasia and unnecessary killing; therefore, no such law should be passed. Some people act immorally after proper reflection. With which statement would Plato NOT agree? Name the form of the following argument: If p, then q. p. Therefore, q. Ethics or moral We sincerely welcome you to our ethics practice quiz questions and answers. B. The argument against casual sex based on objectification asserts which of the following: A. Objectification is an essential part of casual sex SitemapCopyright 2005 - 2023 ProProfs.com. Code of eithics. Such an argument is characterized as, Imagine a situation in which a patient is not competent and has left no instructions regarding end-of-life preferences. A guideline for members of a professional group used for self-regulation of the group. Thus, the pro-lifer must show that abortion is unjust killing. It always complies by the rules. Great Britain,France,Germany,Russia,Italy,Japan, Explain five reason why self examination is important. The AAMFT strives to honor the public trust in marriage and family therapists by setting standards for ethical practice. A 6.Which of the following statements about ethics training is true A The 7.BAM 101 chapter 2 test.docx - Course Hero; 8. Correct answer: False. Which of the following is defined as standards of what a group or individual feels is right or wrong, or good or evil? G. E. Moore thinks the task of Ethicists to: A. analyze and distinguish moral concepts so that we're clear what we're talking about. Active euthanasia relies upon killing; passive euthanasia relies upon letting die. He asks his doctor to prescribe him a lethal dose of drugs, which she does. In a week, Natasha comes knocking on Alexei's door, expecting him to pay her back. Based on what you have learned in this unit, answer the following questions: How do you think clothing choices affect the relationships we form at work or in, 1. She now wants to determine whether this creature counts as a person in the moral sense. Emotivism is an example of noncognitivism, which is the view that moral judgments are not statements that can be true or false. You can take the ethics quiz we have for you to clarify the concepts. Which of the following can be a contributing factor for unethical student behavior in a class? In 2002, the eighty-six-year-old war hero Admiral Chester W. Nimitz Jr., who had made a suicide pact with his eighty-nine-year-old wife, ended his life with an overdose of sleeping pills. Which of the following is not one of the classes in Plato's state? Which of the following is an important component of capitalism? According to critics of virtue ethics, this shows tha, the rightness of actions does not necessarily depend on the content of one's character, The psychologist Carol Gilligan upended the belief that men and women think in radically different ways when making moral decisions when she argued that men and women think in exactly the same ways about morality, Annette C. Baier argues that in moral theory there is a place for both, Carol Gilligan calls the approach to morality that emphasizes rights and rules an ethic of, Alison M. Jaggar writes that Western moral theory is said to. Why have critics charged rule-utilitarianism with being internally inconsistentthat is, as failing the minimum requirement of coherence? analyze and distinguish moral concepts so that we're clear what we're talking about, Claims moral judgments are expressions of feelings, Denies that there are basic universal moral demands that apply to everyone, Says that moral claims are supposed to track the reactions of a hypothetical impartial observer. Contrastivism about reasons, for example, holds that whether . D. Ethics are a system of principles governing morality and acceptable conduct. Foot disagrees with the idea that motivating reasons can be based on knowledge of what makes for a good human being, not just on desires. Question 1 5 out of 5 points According to the Moral Choices textbook, which of the following IS true about the connection between . Believed the best pleasure was ataraxia, A. Cantal Asia? According to Halwani, someone might think that fungibility is morally wrong because it is like treating people like pens or paper cups. "The Good" varies according to our individual desires. x contracting officers representative x contracting officer All of the following statements are correct about COR inspection EXCEPT: . This ethics exam covers all aspects of ethics and its major role in various events and incidents. How did the Great Depression have such a huge impact on the economies of other countries? What is corporate social responsibility (CSR)? Therefore, all the statements which are true about ethics and laws are mentioned above. Has two major groups: those who believe in moral facts (realists), and those who don't (antirealists). Which of these evaluations is most appropriate? Suppose Katrina is a rule-utilitarian and is trying to decide whether generally following the rule "Young women under the age of eighteen should not be permitted to have abortions without notifying a parent or guardian" would maximize happiness. Think you can pass the quiz? ", In a valid argument, if the premises are true, then the. Which of the following is NOT a reason Gay-Williams gives for why euthanasia is immoral: It would be wrong to have the sort of social program that eliminates those who are too 'ill' to function normally any longer. Why? According to the doctrine of double effect, it is not morally permissible for her to do so. Conclusion: Therefore, abortion is wrong. View the full answer. There are no positive consequences of harassment. Chooses an action from a sense of duty Aristotle thinks the following about moral virtue: A. Virtue is a mean between two behavioral extremes The NASW Code of Ethics is a set of standards that guide the professional conduct of social workers. Morality is based on sentiment. If an act is legal, it must by definition be ethical. If you believe that there is no moral difference between killing someone and letting someone die, you might reason that, if passive euthanasia is morally permissible, then active (voluntary) euthanasia is morally permissible, It is the case that active euthanasia is legal in the United States and widely believed to be morally acceptable, Involuntary euthanasia is mercy killing at the patient's request, Some opponents of active euthanasia argue that euthanasia is uncalled for; a dying patient in the grip of unimaginable pain, for example, does not have to be killed to escape the agony. If you need to learn some of these codes, then take this quiz to see how many questions you can answer JAN/FEB 2015 - SERIES 1 2015 Traditional theories often assume that the world consists of atomistic individuals with perfect rationality, Unlike Kant, who maintained that reason is all that is necessary for making moral decisions, feminist ethicists insist that emotion should play a role too, The ethics of care might be thought of as an essential element of virtue ethics, Carol Gilligan calls the approach to ethics that focuses on being aware of people's feelings, needs, and viewpoints, The principle of impartiality, which says that from the moral point of view all persons are considered equal and should be treated accordingly, is, alled into question by feminist ethicists, Judith Jarvis Thomson claims that her moderate argument regarding abortion, does not have the implication that a woman has a right to secure the death of the unborn child, With the violinist scenario, Judith Jarvis Thomson tries to show that, the mother has a right to defend herself against the unborn's use of her body against her will (a right to have an abortion), Mary Anne Warren suggests that being genetically human is the same thing as being a person in the moral sense. Active euthanasia is when death is brought about by an act - for example when a person is killed by being given an overdose of pain-killers. It is unclear, since there is little relation between earnings estimates and stock performance. Quiz: Can You Pass This Ethics And Morality Test? Given Sanjay and Joanne's different religious beliefs, however, is it possible for their discussion to be fruitful at all? B. Suppose a drug-user is a bum and exhibits antisocial (but non-criminal) behavior. If you are presented with an ethical dilemma at work, usually the best course of action is to first: Discuss the situation with your immediate supervisor. Do you want to test your knowledge of social work ethics? Do you think you can do that? a.) According to Kant, the categorical imperative implies: A. Supports stability of family life c. Symbolic d. Observable, Taking Advantage of an Employee Discount Suppose you work in retail sales for an international clothing company. According to Marquis, why is it wrong to kill us? Expert Answer. This distinction seems to disappear in, The philosopher who said that the greatest good is pleasure and the greatest evil is pain was, According to social contract theory, morality comprises the social rules that are in everyone's best interests to heed, John Stuart Mill says, "It is better to be a human being dissatisfied than a pig satisfied; better to be Socrates dissatisfied than a fool satisfied." Singer would agree with which of the following: If it is permissible to use animals for harmful medical research, then it is permissible to use newborn children for harmful medical research. Huemer's argument applies a consequentialist theory to the issue of drug legislation. One of Baier's critiques of 'male' moral theorizing is that it wrongly assumes that we have absolute freedom in determining our relationships, C. Men typically care about justice, women typically care about the caring relation. Business ethics is the culmination of ethical values and appropriate business behavior. Block 9 Vaccines Abx Infxn Cntrl And Ethics MCQ's, AODA Quiz: Accessibility For Ontarians With Disabilities Act Trivia Questions, Adi Shankaracharya Quiz Questions And Answers. While hiking in the rain forests of South America, Martina encounters a creature that resembles a human being but clearly does not belong to the Homo sapiens species. Social workers have some code of ethics that dictate their work. What is the length of the IPv6 datagram header? Objectivity is vital to ethical thought. Yes it helps in perseverance for the betterment of the future, the word perseverance is part of ethics, they also form part of rules and laws of an organization ,the moral and behaviour of how to relate ,work with someone at work requires ethics,they form part of the laws and virtually all laws deeply reflects ethics , so everything stated above about ethics is true. Mill thought we could divide pleasure based on the qualities of "higher" and "lower" pleasures based on whatever method we please. A debit card allows you to spend money by drawing on funds in your bank account, while a credit card allows you to spend money by borrowing from the card issuer up to a certain limit. Hume believes that reason can oppose passion. A perk of the job is an employee discount of 25 percent on all merchandise you. Rachels thinks there are important moral differences between killing (in itself) and letting die. According to the doctrine of double effect, would Vinnie be morally permitted to engage the switch and divert the train to the alternate track? Does not take the main question of ethics to be the naturalistic status of values and obligations. An ethical dilemma occurs when one must make a choice among alternative actions and the right choice is not absolutely clear. A. and more. Sanjay is Sikh and Joanne is Christian. c.) The IRS created the Sarbanes-Oxley Act in order to prosecute . If you ever feel stumped during these ethics quizzes, the ethics quiz with answers will help you. Is the only thing that can be called 'good' without qualification Which of the following is NOT a reason offered by Marquis for why abortion is immoral? A common moral justification for allocation of a medical treatment is saving the most lives, which often means prioritizing patients who are most likely to benefit from treatment. Thus, killing a newborn would be permissible. How might the destruction of the meadow reflect the impact of war?
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