He picks up his speed when he feels your velvet walls convulse around him, the sounds of skin slapping becoming wetter and louder as you try and form a sentence. Dont wanna tell me? Seonghwa they keep looking at me. ATEEZ Preferences & Reactions Fanfiction. You on the other hand, felt the need of being hugged. His voice like a lullaby to the baby. Your not making this up, right? You nod happily at his statement before pulling him in, allowing you to peck his plump lips. He convinces you while combing your hair with his fingers. Y/n-nie, whats the matter? His nose scrunches up and his eyes screw tighter as he notices the sun peaking through the window sills. And you werent in the mood for shopping. Mingi watches you with a grin on his face, although hes concerned about you skipping meals, it makes him happy knowing hes giving you the much-needed energy from his little snack pack. O-oh my fuck- San groans, pulling out of your pussy and quickly pumping himself, releasing hot strings of cum over your lower back and your butt. He only grew angrier at the looks the members sent you. Always right on time when you started to wake up. Hed be more gloomy in interviews or promotions. You cant hold in your laughter anymore, clutching your stomach as he yells I KNEW IT! Youve never seen someone hug you as fast as yunho. Today has been one of the longest days of work youve ever experienced, your feet feel as though youre walking on fire and your shoulders ache beyond belief. He likes to wrap his arms around your waist, whether it's from in front of you, from behind or even when you cuddle. You see san drinking a glass of water and decide it was a good opportunity to tell him. They both got to talk, getting to know each other. Just you wait until I get this baby out mingi. You chatting with your friend to kill time. He snapped out of his thoughts and looked at you with a surprised expression. Masterlist/ Upcoming/About Me/ Upcoming/About Me Shit You whisper to yourself as you plant your elbows on the desk with a thud, your face falling into your hands as everyone in the library glances at you. Just enjoying your shower with yunho. Knock on wood he whispers, following his words by knocking his knuckles on the top of his head. See? lets sob over fluffy Mingi together :3, Tag List - @simphwa @multidreams-and-desires @jonghoisbabie @ateezinmymind @yunhospuppy @224-12 @woowommy, A/N - Hello everyone! . He sets up the gaming console and hands you a controller. Discovering things they had in common. Yah, when are you coming out? Mhm, theres not enough chickens in the world to make fried chicken, so they use seagulls too. You reply, flicking through TV channels. His eyes were wide as you noticed his sudden action. The drumstick falls from his mouth onto the floor as he sits there frozen. Hed probably be the reason yall almost get killed because he chickens out at the worst moment imaginable Hed be really good at helping with injuries since he knows a lot about cleanliness and sterilisation which is essential to avoid deadly infections. . When have you got so good at braiding, baby? yunho would actually be your cheerleader. You hug his shoulders while squeezing your cheek against his chest. He noticed how hard you gripped his sleeves. Merch? I hope you like this headcanon. #jeongyunho Did someone upset you? He asks softly as he crouches opposite you. ~happiness~ R - Reaction Tch, how stupid. Yah jagi, whats wrong? Yeosang isnt as high up as the others in terms of intelligence but dont get me wrong, hed come out with some megamind genius plan when you least expect it, hed leave it to the others to think of something first though. "Can I come over?" After telling him no repeatedly, not wanting him to see you a crying mess, you hear a knock at the door. you saw him lying on the bed with a harry potter book in his hand. #mingi He asks, gesturing for you to sit with him. Hey its okay. 36) When they find out your a vocalist for a metal band. , you walk from his room and into the living room. He would only get confused as to why. From the bedroom to bathroom to the kitchen, everything was spotless. You even reached the limits where you lay on top of him and continuously poked his cheek. #choijongho the state of being happy. you were looking through an old photo album of you when you were younger. He wont admit it but he loved how you looked so vulnerable right now. You set down the snacks and went back to him. did. She was scared! Your eyes look down to see hongjoong. All sorts of thoughts rush through his mind. He enters the room once again but with a container of strawberries in hand. he notices the drop in the atmosphere when you enter the room. With such a sweet tone. Before you could continue, jongho stopped your hand from flipping to the next page. He kept talking about jimin and bts were his absolute idol, thus creating a bond. Started ~ 01.03.20 He lifted your shirt up and caressed your belly. #kpop Kang Yeosang #ateezreaction You were humming to the song that was currently playing, unaware of sans footsteps. Oh shit. Today was no exception. You were talking about- scratch that, insulting the antagonists of a show you two were watching. . This is 100% my opinion and should not be taken seriously, this is for entertainment purposes only and nothing is written with intent to upset or offend anyone :3, Tag List - @simphwa @ateezinmymind @multidreams-and-desires @yunhospuppy @jonghoisbabie @224-12 @woowommy. He usually brings along his skateboard and arrives back thirty minutes later. Wooyoung always takes such good care of you, times like this make you realise just how much he means to you. Your use of face masks didnt bother him much. He plops himself down on the floor before gently pushing your hand away so he could place his. He sits down and feeds you one. Y/N!! You know, J-hope? Healing poWeRrrRs. Jagi your awake? Idiot. Woo says, dumbfounded. Jung Wooyoung . he saw you walking in with pouring tears. . Sorry babe he apologizes before continuing to talk to your belly. Holy shit He chuckles, grabbing you a towel and helping you stand straight. Ive not been active these past months anyway but this turn of events has made me decide to stop writing. You can hug me all you want! His eyes emitted an aura that was full of love and lust. Your mom is dozing off here. You lay comfortably, falling asleep when you waited for san to finish showering. shopping was always an activity you both loved to do together. Bro its just a prank, dont look so scared. By the time he got home, you were already asleep. A hiss leaves your boyfriends lips while he watches his cum drip down your ass into the slit of your pussy. Now slightly calmer, you look up at him with glossy eyes. All their perfect bodies and features made you dislike yours. NO! Ateez Reaction: getting slightly jealous when you. He was quite silent at first. Concerts? Wait wait wait. Its not that. The stress creeps up on you again. Ill murder you. He was baffled. Arent you quite energetic? he would take non of the shit the other guys were pulling off. You see his cheeks turn red. . Babe whats wrong? "A week of nothing," you grinned as his arms snaked around your waist in excitement, barely able to properly contain himself at just the thought.". Yunho smiled when he saw you sleeping. He would calmly soothe you. He motions you to jump. He thought it would be a nice idea to talk to his soon born child. Check. He cheekily giggles at between switching angles. I'm going to murder all of you." The next 30 minutes was filled with your cursing and the boys snickered . He didnt care if the others were still watching, he stood up, and looked everyone right in the eyes. 14) Ateez dream vacation destinations. We can try it if you want. Baby, I swear its fine ! We should do something about that, yeah? he kind of knew from the start. He thought you didnt want any bacteria or germs entering your system, but that was until last nights date night. Thanks for reading, Tag List - @simphwa @yunhoiseyecandy @multidreams-and-desires. You two spend a solid amount of time whipping up some pancakes. He groaned as he heard the sound of him failing the game. He fell back making his back hit the pavement. You look at wooyoung who was questioning his life. Preferences and reactions for the members of my favorite KPOP boy band, ATEEZ!! You fell asleep after watching one of their dance practices. Im sorry Ive been slow with requests these days, Ive been trying to sort out my small business. My boy is stressed, free him. when it accidentally slipped out of your mouth, seonghwa had a look that appeared to be that he was doubting your claim. And his dorky way of doing things says so! Mingi tightly grips your hand. You open the door with every last energy you had left. San pulls your head up and away from his member, admiring how the strings of saliva connect from your glistening lips to the tip of his cock. 2, them when you accidentally send a hot pic of yourself, them when you're having a mental break down, them getting teased in front of the members, them getting ask about you in a talk show, them when you fall asleep in a video call, them when you wear a lingerie around the house. You'd both end up entangled in each other's embrace by the end of the day. He murmurs. You groan in satisfaction as you tilt your head back, falling deeper into relaxation. Originally posted by agiibang. You look so beautiful like this, doll He chuckles, adding a spank to your rear before moving the material of your swimwear to expose your dripping cunt. When you saw him walking into the bedroom, you stood up and hug him. Yunho is the first member and you sit down with the biggest smile on your face. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _, A/N - Hi, I hope you like this little reaction and I hope the person that requested this is satisfied with this writing! What was jungkook to you? ", [P21] Grey's Anatomy Character He Represents, [R28] Him Listening to Your Favorite Song, [P35] Your Polyamorous Partner (another ATEEZ member). Dia-Beanie missing Ateez (@seahors377) March 1, . 12) Ateez as Yeosang Gifs. You smiled at the thought. Aish, how many times do I tell you to not apologize all the time! Look I get that you dont like him/her, but dont disrespect him/her. ;)), Anyways, I hope you like this one, tried my best aha x~S. I wanna fuck you against the glass so everyone can see how good you take it His voice is low and raspy, completely taken over with lust. Woah! And you werent there so he thought itd be the perfect opportunity to bring it up. You inform the tall male. Now that your a successful idol, hes nothing but happy and proud of his younger sister. He felt the need to braid your hair so he put the lessons you taught to use. Sorry little bean, I had to go to work, but Im here now He smiles as he traces circles on your stomach. You ruffle your hands through your hair as you slid against the counter and down to the floor. #hongjoong He shrugs it off for a second he takes his shoes off but stops when he heard silent sobs. Both of you just end up spending the entire day in bed.
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